Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Can I get a quote for pricing?


A: Yes, for sure! Please provide a list of products you need for your business, and we can provide the pricing via email. Most quotes are answered within 1-2 businesses days.



Q: Can you customize products with my logo or branding?


A: Yes, RENU paper does custom products. We can customize colours or add your logo or tagline to our products. Contact one of our sales reps and we can provide you with pricing and a timeline.



Q: What is your minimum order quantity for custom or branded products?


A: The minimum quantity can vary by the product you choose, but in most cases the minimum is 25,000 pieces. This is the best price point for custom products and smaller quantities would be cost prohibitive for production runs.



Q: Do you carry compostable products?


A: Yes, we have a full line-up of compostable products to suit your business needs. Create an account and we will give you access to our product list.



Q: How do we use your line of commercial cleaning products?


A: All of our commercial cleaning products come with specific instructions for mixing, diluting, and usage. We can also assist you if needed.

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